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Synergy League Manager’s Wish List

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 | Athletics South Australia


As the Synergy Draft approaches on February 4th, we give you an insight into who the Team Managers have been watching and who they’d love to have on their team.  This can only provide a small indication of how they may have selected their team, as it’s simply a wish list of their favourite stars. This is not an official team list.

The Draft comes with great difficulty in that the picking order is randomised and some athletes are extremely sought after! While they’d love to pick all the best ranked athletes into their team, they do have a points cap to manage!

Team managers were chosen to get a balance of statistical knowledge and passion for athletics, while being able to work closely together as a team. Each team manager has been responsible for researching and analysing the Draft rankings and picking their desired team. On competition night they will fire up their teams and bring the energy to the league. Face paint, spectator engagement, passion, banter and fun.  They’re ready to deliver!


“We look at more than just performance. We want Sonic to have the best team culture, as that will help us rise to the top.  Bring it on!” - Debbie Meich

Athletes that Team Sonic were interested in ahead of the Draft. Not confirmed on the final teams.

Track: Clay Watkins 200/400
Has been a consistent performer for so long. A well respected athlete!

Track: Max Stevens 1500/3000
We’ve watched Max win time and time again. We want him for our distance events!

Track:  Margaret Gayen 100/200
She brings great energy and respect to her rivals. Plus she’s extremely talented!

Track: Rose Pittman 400/800
Her determination to win has won us over. We want Rose on our team!

Field: Chris Lipman Long Jump
He’s the top ranked long jumper… We need him on our team!

Field: Jess Bell Javelin
She is a record breaker. Looks unbeatable!

Field: Emilaya Ellis Long Jump
A National medalist… Say no more. Will be sought after!

“Synergy is fun, energetic and entertaining – We can’t wait! Go Team Sonic” - Rachel Fisk


“You can do so much planning and researching athletes, but the picking order can throw out your plans. The challenge is not going over the points cap and keeping a well balanced team!” - Andrew Beck

Athletes that Team Electro were interested in ahead of the Draft. Not confirmed on the final teams.

Track: Liam Moss 100/200
One of the nicest men on the track, but also one of the fastest!

Track: Caitlin Adams 1500/3000
Improving her PB’s recently. Looks hard to beat on the ranking lists

Track: Melarn Murphy 100/200
Consistently in the top 3. Plus she’s a national medalist!

Track: Brian Wilson 400/800
Running big PB’s lately. Plenty more to come!

Field: Emilaya Ellis Long Jump
Jumped amazing at Australian All Schools!

Field: Lachlan Page Shot Put
He is on fire this season! Would score very well

Field: Markus Robberts Javelin
This Guy can THROW! The crowd will go Electric for Robberts!

“Synergy was designed for the spectator in mind. It will entertain… There will be plenty of fun and some incredibly close contests! Go Electro” - Chelsea Jaensch


“The Synergy Draft is incredibly fun. Who do you choose between in some events? It’s difficult as there’s so much depth in some events. Synergy is going to be amazing and we are in it to win it!” - Angus Brock

Athletes that Team Inferno were interested in ahead of the Draft. Not confirmed on the final teams.

Track: Margaret Gayen 100/200
A big time performer and loves to have fun. Will win for the team!

Track: Dylan Stenson 800/1500
One of the best in Australia. He will be an asset to the team.

Track: Riley Cocks 1500/3000
Small guy with a big engine. Great PB’s. Well respected

Track: Tiara Hatchard 200/400
Tiara is a great competitor who ranks well in both events.

Field: Tim McGuire Long Jump
His PB’s are amazing. He’s on the way back up!

Field: Wayne Willis Shot Put
Loudest grunt in the League…!

Field: Jade Walas High Jump
Can jump very well and she will bring her A game!

“Synergy is one of the greatest events to get introduced in SA. There are so many unknowns and so much to look forward to. It’s going to be very exciting” Tony Keynes


“A team of Champions or a Champion Team – We hope to find the balance. The drafting process is really hard in that you have to think on the fly and select someone who will fit correctly in your lineup of athletes” - Annie Kitto

Athletes that Team Cyclone were interested in ahead of the Draft. Not confirmed on the final teams.

Track: Rose Pittman
400/800 Gold at Australian All Schools was simply amazing

Track: Clay Watkins
Clay has some amazing PB’s. Arguably SA’s best male sprinter in the last decade

Track: Dylan Stenson
Dylan is a star and an all-round good guy.

Isaac Heyne
No guts, no glory. He will fight for the team!

Field: Lachlan Page Shot Put
We’ve watched him from the start of this season, breaking numerous State Records!

Field: Liana Wesselingh Long Jump
She’s in PB form and brings great energy to the track!

Field: Jess Bell Javelin
This girl is a star. A great competitor. Will be sought after though! 

“Synergy will be fantastic – It’s like the Big Bash Cricket. It’s going to be a really close contest between the teams. Hopefully we are triumphant!  - Dan Jervis Bardy

The Draft presentation on Feb 4th will reveal all.

Teams will be announced pick by pick in the Track Draft and then the Field Draft.
Which athletes will be Pick #1?


This article is published for promotional purposes and is not reflective of the final teams picked.







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