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Athletics SA is an Athletics Australia Endorsed Coach Education provider, and as such all coach education programs delivered in South Australia are consistent with the Athletics Australia Coach Education Framework.

Athletics Australia are the accrediting body for all athletics coaches in Australia and are the only athletics body with courses approved by the Australian Sports Commission National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). 

The Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework is designed to progressively introduce the coaching skills required to develop athletes from beginner to elite.


Level 1 Community Athletics Coach

This is the entry level for all Accredited Athletic Coaches.  The fundamental skills of running, jumping & throwing are introduced as well as exploring how to engage athletes in long term participation and how to coach skills to beginner athletes.

The course includes one day of face to face training as well as the online Community Coach General Principles course.

After completing the Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course, 30 hours of coaching needs to be undertaken prior to entering Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach.


PRE WORK: Complete the ASC Community Coaching General Principles Online course and bring certificate to course.

Program Curriculum

- Coaching to Enhance the Learning of Beginners

- Long Term Participation

- The Fundamental Skills of Coaching

- Run Training Elements - Endurance, Speed, Strength and Absorption

- Run Leader in Action

- Communication Skills

 Level 3 RRC

Level 3  Recreational Running Coach


Course under development - Check out Athletics Australia website for latest information.

 Apr 27 – L1 Rec Run Leader

Level 1 Recreational Run Leader

The 'Level 1 Recreational Run Leader' Course introduces how to lead a recreational run group under the guidance of a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach or higher. In the course, participants learn the fundamental skills of running and how to design the warm up and cool down components of a session. 

Topics include the introduction to training runners, encouraging long-term participation, design of warm-up and cool down, fundamental skills of run, run training elements and how to successfully lead run groups.



PRE WORK: Complete the ASC Community Coaching General Principles Online course and bring certificate to course.

  L2 ICC

Level 2 Club Coach

The Level 2 Club Coach Course is the next progression from Level 1 and further develops the coaches understanding of how to coach fundamental skills and move toward event specific skills and drills. This level teaches coaches the basic technical models of the Track and Field events held at club and school level competitions. Additional topics include; training principles, components of fitness, and the preparation and evaluation of training sessions suitable for intermediate level athletes.

PRE REQUISITES: Currently Registered Level 1 Community Athletics Coach

PRE WORK: Online Modules: 3 Hours, Reading: 2 Hours


Level 2 Recreational Running Coach

The Level 2 Recreational Running Coach course trains coaches to develop the fundamental technical and strategic skills for runners training for 5km through to ultra-marathon events. The course covers topics such as warm ups, endurance training, session planning, and designing training programs leading up to recreational running events.


The Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach course is registered with Fitness Australia and registered Personal Trainers receive 7 CEC points upon successful completion of the course. 

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Community Athletics Coach or Level 1 Recreational Run Leader or Cert. III or IV in Fitness


Pre-course Work

PBTR - Harassment and Discrimination

My Coaching Pathway Module

Terminology and Session Components Module

Principles of Training Module

Intermediate Programming Module

Post-course Work

Programming assignment

 Level 3 Performance Development Coach

Level 3 Performance Development Coach

The Level 3 Performance Development Coach course is for coaches who are working with athletes between 15 and 21 years of age and are looking to commence specialisation in a chosen event group and compete at regional, state or national-level competitions. 

To successfully complete this level of accreditation, coaches are required to complete a four-day course in addition to pre- and post- course work that must be completed and submitted online. 

The course aims to empower coaches to design and lead effective training programs based on peer-reviewed evidence and the knowledge and experience from leading Australian coaches. The focus of the course will be on planning and achieving long-term development of athlete performance, with an eye for establishing positive training habits that will prepare athletes for the elite pathway.  

PRE REQUISITES: Currently Registered Level 2 Club Coach or higher and minimum of 12 months coaching experience

PRE WORK: Online Modules - 3 hours

POST WORK: Reading - 6 hours, Online Modules - 6 hours, Exam - 3 hours







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